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As a department we highly recommend attending the Gaeltacht. This provides pupils the opportunity to attend an Irish speaking area in Donegal and fully immerse themselves in the language. The Gaeltacht courses take place during the summer months and is available for all pupils of the school. First and second year pupils can attend a two-week course and the other year groups can attend a three-week course. We have a strong history with the Gaeltacht with many pupils attending each summer and having fantastic experiences and making memories that will last a lifetime whilst learning the Irish language at a very high standard.

We had pupils during the summer of 2019 involved in the filming of a documentary Tír na nÓg, produced by DoubleBand Films and supported by Northern Ireland Screen’s Irish Language Broadcast Fund. The documentary aired on BBC Two in Northern Ireland in October 2019 and was a great success. It followed the experiences of many students at the Gaeltacht and some of our students were lucky to be involved. It proved to be a very enjoyable experience for our students, and they found it very rewarding and encouraged many more pupils to attend the Gaeltacht as a result.


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