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Business Studies

Welcome To The Business Studies Department

Business Studies provides students with a unique insight into the world of work. Through its study, students will discover how businesses operate and learn about their key elements and essential business functions.

Business Studies Department: Aims

We as a department aim to:

  • We as a department aim to educate our pupils in the world of business, whilst ensuring pupils enjoy studying Business at GCSE, AS and A level.

  • We aim that pupils take an active interest in the subject and that learning within Business is fun, relevant, engaging and contextualised using as many real life examples as possible.

  • Pupils are able to access and relate the concepts of being taught as lessons are based around businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Cadburys, Tayto, Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonalds and many, many more.

  • Lessons provide opportunities for active learning as pupils are encouraged to get creative, taking part in Young Enterprise opportunities, such as the college hoodies and the ‘Peek-a-Boo’ enterprises.  These aim to develop the enterprise capability of all our pupils.

Business Studies Department:

Subject Overview

Key Stage 4

The Department delivers 2 GCSE courses:

  • CCEA Business and Communication Systems, which presents a broad and coherent range of key topics that could potentially lead to further related study and development in a lifelong interest in business and enjoyment of business related subjects.

CCEA BCS Specification


  • CCEA Business Studies, which provides a unique insight into the world of work. Through its study, discover how businesses operate and learn about their key elements and essential business functions.

CCEA Business Studies Specification

Key Stage 4

2 different qualifications are offered:

  • CCEA GCE Business Studies offers an excellent foundation for those wishing to pursue careers in management, marketing, project management, business accounting, management consultancy, human resources, and business journalism as well as those interested in continuing on to further study.

CCEA GCE Business Studies



  • AQA Applied Business (Level 3) which supports entry to a range of business and enterprise associated higher education courses, such as management, finance, entrepreneurship, economics etc, when taken alongside other qualifications and is confirmed by the specific support of many universities.

AQA Level 3 Applied Business Specification

“I enjoy learning new things in St. Patrick’s College Maghera, where I am studying the first year of my GCSE course. I like all of my 10 subjects as I find it interesting learning new things, especially in Business Studies and Spanish.

If someone is uncertain about whether or not they should choose Business Studies, I would encourage them to choose it. It is a gripping subject and I really like learning all about the world of business, especially marketing, and all of the ways there are to advertise products in our everyday life where most of us don’t realise that we are being targeted with advertisements. The teachers in the Business Studies department are really nice, and willing to help with any queries about the subject and also with many other problems.

Although Business Studies is a fun and enjoyable subject, there is a lot of studying to be done, but it is a very interesting subject and it doesn’t feel like a task when I have to revise”.

Lucy Kelly Year 11

Business Studies Department: Careers

Pupils who have studied Business have successfully secured careers in the following areas:

  • Accountancy

  • Actuary

  • Banking

  • Business Owner Management

  • Law

  • Investment

  • Insurance

  • Marketing

  • Human Resources Building

  • Construction

  • Property Management Administration

  • Teaching

  • ICT

Business Studies Department:

Educational Visits & Trips

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